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New Concept Bike
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Theft-Proof Computer-Aided Concept Bicycle
  To reduce wind resistance, the designers conceived of designing invisible chains or chains as small as possible. This bike is conceived from the inside out.
Laptop-Charging Concept Electric Bike
  This is perhaps the concept bicycle that looks the most like a box, but its most interesting characteristic is not its design. The electric bike has a laptop charging station, when you ride it,you can also charge your laptop.
Nulla :Ultramodern Spoke-less Bike
  Nulla in Italian means "no ", although this bike has a minimal frame it still functions as a bike. The Nulla is perhaps the smoothest riding bike and from its appearance of the most avant-garde of the next wave of bikes.
The Incredible Folding Backpack Bicycle
  Folding bikes are favored by backpackers because they save space and are lightweight. They fold up in less than two minutes and are easy to carry.
Collapsible Concept Bike
  When it comes to future bikes, portability is key. These designers created a concept bike that can be folded and is lightweight. The design not only allows the bike to be folded into into small boxes, but the space between the wheels provides a space for packages.
Bizarre Di-Cycle Concept bike
  This bike can be used on the road or as a water skiing. It was designed especially for users in the Netherlands, where there are many canals and roads.
Locust Flexible Folding Bicycle
  With its large circular frame, this bike is more portable than most other folding bike. It was designed by Josef Cardek.
All-Weather Concept Bicycle
  The all-weather bike is not a new concept. Until recently the design has been relatively cumbersome and unrealistic. This concept bike has a transparent roof to keep out rain.
Solar-Powered ElectricBike
  This electric bike has a roof, both to protect the driver from sun and rain, and to collect solar energy.
Grasshopper : Folding Electric Concept Bike
  This bike is designed to not only for riding but can also generate and store electricity as you ride it.



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