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Bicycle Museum
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The World's Largest Bicycle Museum
The world's largest bicycle museum was built in Bazhou City Hebei Province,China. The Bicycle Museum was set up with support from Wang Mingxi, a famous bicycle collector.

The Bicycle Museum is 4,000 square meters and has over 400 bicycle collections, including bikes from the United States, Germany, and England.

The museum exhibits are divided into international and domestic exhibits. In international section, visitors can see bicycles from different periods in Great Britain, United States, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as many bikes made Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Thailand. The most famous bike is the ^Platinum Man ̄, the bike that was produced in 1910, silver-plated vehicle. In the main exhibit area in the China Pavilion is Chinese Flying Pigeon, Red Flag, and Phoenix. Among the bikes displayed is one bike Puyi, the last Chinese emperor rode.

If you want to know more about the China Bicycle Museum, click here: http://www.bikemuseum.gov.cn/





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