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Acknowledgement & References
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We would first like to thank Mr. Cuiwei, our mentor and coach, for his indispensable guidance and advice. Over these past few months, he has taught us how to work together as a group. He keeps in constant contact with us through e-mail. Our team would never have been able to complete this project without him.

We also would like to thank Patrick Lynch, my English teacher, and Alainna Thomas, a doctoral student from UC Berkeley, for their generous help with revising the English on our webpage. Especially, we are very grateful to Mr. Patrick for him providing some of the pictures in the website.

We would also like to thank to Dr. Wu Zhongyi and Prof. Jiang Yulin of CUSTReC, under the Chinese Ministry of Transportation for their assistance and feedback.

Thanks also goes to Mr. Dingwen, Mr. Wangchenguang, Mr. Machao, and Mr. Zhangka for their kind feedback and guidance on our web design.

We also need to thank our classmates, teachers, and the general public for participating in our surveys; our universities, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, China Academy of Transport Sciences and US Energy Foundation for providing us with resources that aided us in finishing this project. Without their support, we probably would have never made it this far!

Finally, we are grateful to ThinkQuest and the Oracle Foundation for giving us this valuable opportunity to learn, not just about bicycle transportation, but also opportunity to learn new life skills such as time management, organization and team work. Thank you.

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