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Changes during the past thirty years
We should be proud to ride a bike like we used to be
Thirty years ago, a bicycle helped you get a girlfriend and to carry heavy things. Thirty years later, how can riding a bicycle be something embarrassing?
Is China Still the Bicycle Kingdom?
Cities are bigger, buildings are higher, people are richer¡­oh wait, where are bicycles?
How can we make it safe, clean and comfortable to ride a bicycle?
Tailpipe emissions, steep pedestrian bridges, irregular bike lanes, threats from motorists, bicycle thieves¡­there¡¯s just too much for us to put up with to ride a bicycle.
Changes in Beijing¡¯s Urbanized Area from 1975 to 2002
From 1975 to 2002, Beijing¡¯s urbanized area quadrupled. Urban sprawl has been a major contributor to the decline of bicycle commuting.
Biking through the Olympic Park
To more clearly illustrate our technical solutions, we have used flash animation to show the need to open courtyards and parks (as proposed in the ¡°Complete Network of Urban Bike Paths¡± section). This is based on our fieldwork. We have selected the Olympic Park located in the central axis of Beijing. It has its own bike lanes and other transportation amenities available only to tourists renting their bicycles from the Park; it is closed to the public. We hope that this solution is adopted so Beijing can be a more bike-friendly city.



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