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To provide a more complex view of the history and current state of bicycle transportation, we interviewed people involved in different areas of bike development, usage and promotion.
Here are our interviews:
What do bicycles mean to different generations of Chinese?
Through the recollections of three generations, you will have a clearer understanding of how the role of bicycles in Chinese society has changed over time.
On-the-street interviews
This collection of interviews provides insights into the current state bicycling from people of different ages and income levels in Beijing.
Interview with Ms. Xiaosong Li, Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission
In this interview, Ms. Li discusses [ SEE NEW BLURB FROM WEBSITE] gh there are limitations of bicycles¨ usage in the metropolis such as Beijing, bicycles as an environmentally-friendly as well as energy efficient means of transportation should definitely be promoted and supported by the government by integrating the bicycle transportation into the public transportation system.
Interview with the manager of a bicycle renting station
This interview gives you a brief shot of the worrying current situation of the bicycle renting business in Beijing and problems have led to that.
Interview with an American friend with long cycling experience
Our dear friend Patrick is an active bicyclist with over fifty years of cycling experience both in and out of China. Here are his special insights from a foreigner¨s perspective about cycling in Beijing as well as suggestions on promoting the usage of bicycles in the city.



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